Thursday, June 13, 2013

Addendum to previous post

I am aware that there are apps to mirror the iPad on the PC.  One of those is AirServer.  It would seem from this page that you can mirror and then screen capture on your PC.  I have downloaded and installed it, but you need a newer iPad than I have.  My wife has one of those.  I will borrow it from her tonight and give it a try.  If I can do that effectively, I might very well go back to inking with a stylus.  And then I might splurge for a new iPad.  Father's day is coming up, after all.

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Lanny Arvan said...

I finally got AirServer to work with my iPhone. I had to turn off the Cellular connection so the home wireless took over. Then the icon appeared as in their instructions.

Visually it is very impressive, but my home network is not robust enough in my office to really use it there. Too much latency. If the network is decent, this looks like an incredible app.