Saturday, May 06, 2017

Comfort Jokes

Today is the first day of the Farmer's Market for this year.  My wife is a regular.  As she gets ready to leave I tell her - buy us a farmer.  She's expecting me to say that. It is a line we use repeatedly, perhaps every Saturday morning when the market is in season.

A different one of this sort is when someone in the family announces - I'm going to get a haircut.  To which another family member will respond - you better get them all cut.  We all use this one.  The kids are in on it too.

The last one in this vein I will offer up is done with less frequency, once a year in early October.  I will announce to my wife - you've got to take the world seriously.  This signifies that major league baseball's fall classic will soon be underway.

There is no originality whatsoever in uttering these lines.  Nonetheless, there is something reassuring in doing so.  I don't want to make any sort of conclusion from this other than to observe that I do this and it is something I enjoy doing.

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