Monday, September 07, 2015

Eponym's Impact

Have you ever wondered about how you've been effected
By the given name for you that your parents selected?

With that choice were they trying to shape your life -
Your choice of career, who you'd take for your wife?

It's something that now I'd really like to know.
Did they understand these things from the very get go?

As to this query some of you will look askance
Understanding response to a name will be mainly by chance

For it's the little things that one's name determines most.
That's the take away you should get from reading this post.

Some names begat nicknames ad infinitum
Turning whatever you're doing at the time into an item.

Other names work well with your persona to blend
Then image and name blur and both doth extend.

As for me the urge to rhyme has proven uncanny
A probable consequence of being named Lanny. 

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