Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Daily Rhyme

I've started a new blog, with link below. This to sustain my latest indulgence without torturing readers of my main blog who don't want the nonsense stuff. I will not repost the rhymes in Lanny on Learning or in Facebook. Instead, there is an email subscription option. Note that if you choose that you will get a confirmation email message where you must click on the link to activate the subscription.

There is a semi-serious reason for my doing this. Even before the Internet, papers had abstracts that would often suffice for readers. Now so much information is delivered in digest form. An issue is whether digests can be made more entertaining and thereby make it easier for people to keep up. Rhymes might prove one way of doing this. If so, this effort might help to identify a few kindred souls who also author rhymes of this sort and collectively amass a readership that wants the stuff.

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