Monday, December 01, 2014

Early Morning Noise

After a week of holiday, the peace and quiet of this Monday morning welcome me back to the normal routine.  Only it is not so quiet as one might think.  The wind is howling.  Yesterday the temperature was in the high 50s.  Now it is in the low 20s.  The wind contributes to the sense of desolation.  When friends from the East Coast come to visit I tell them about the austere beauty of the Midwest.  Sometimes it is austere but not so beautiful.

The other sound, ever present when I'm writing, is from the fan on my computer.  It's very loud now, almost unbearable.  I wonder if it is a not so subtle message that it needs to be replaced.  It will have its fifth birthday this week.  I like Windows 7 and Office 2010.  Not sure I could cope with a replacement.

They are beginning to stir upstairs.  The dog shakes her collar.  It's time for her to go outside.  My reverie will be interrupted soon.  My wife is up too.  The morning has officially begun.

What does it mean when you prefer the unofficial preamble?  Simon and Garfunkel told us about the Sounds of Silence.  I am captivated by the quiet of the early morning noise.

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