Wednesday, June 04, 2014

If you've got nothing good to say...

....say it in rhyme.

Some reactions to Messrs. Groom and Lamb
Who lament stasis of ed tech on a webcam.

No surprise that their major source of distress
Is the overwhelming presence of the LMS.

It seems to be blocking our imagination
Giving the field a sense of stagnation.

Yet I wish they had set a broader agenda
So to query practitioners via referenda.

What else is there we should all be doing?
That is the question on which I am stewing.

Below please find some fragments of thoughts
A poor man's approach to some of the oughts.

Ed Tech should tie into learning psychology
Making it more real and less mythology.

Whether Csikszentmihalyi or Carol Dweck
Without making this connection the field's a wreck.

Another dimension, champion clever use
Of every day technology to learning induce.

Playing the game where technology drives
Improvement in learning rarely arrives.

And here's one more thing before we close
It's a matter of emphasis which as everyone knows

Whether a novice or one quite discerning
Ed Tech must be fundamentally about learning.

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