Monday, May 26, 2014

Gold Team Fight Song - Color War 1963 - Camp Oxford

The Blue Team won the Color War, but the Gold Team definitely had the better fight song.  It is sung to the theme from How the West Was Won

Listen well - and hear the tale of victory
Gold Team's story of how we won this war.
Straight and tall - march on to meet the enemy
Friends united will fight for ever more.

Men of Gold - we strike the blow decisively
Like the thunder that echoes through the sky.
Side by side - we join to crush the enemy
Friends united will fight to live or die.

As the dust clears from battle at the close of the day
And the sun fades into the western sky
See the bright golden banners soaring over the fray
Sons of gold stand together spirits high - on high - on high!

Sons of gold - are once again victorious
Praise the triumph that must forever be
Hail the deeds - of gallant men so glorious
Gold Team united - a Gold Team vic-tor-y!

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