Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Complaint about the Facebook Notes Tool - A repost of a Status Update

The last post I wrote - Untutored Big Hitters - was composed using the Facebook Notes editor.  It is a pretty crappy writing tool because it is not WYSIWYG about the line spacing.  A single return produces a line space in the actual note but no line space in the editor.  It is very hard to proofread without enough white space for the text - so you go back and forth between editor mode and preview mode while proofreading.  That is a pain. 

As I posted in a Status Update yesterday, the instructions for how to report a bug in Facebook don't seem to actually work.  You click the little triangle, but there is no item to report the problem.  So I'm going to repost this Status Update on my blog and hope that somebody who works at Facebook actually reads it and then forwards it to the right people.

The Notes tool used to accommodate some html.  Now it doesn't.  It is not good now.  If it doesn't get fixed soon, this is the sort of thing that would drive me to make Google+ my primary tool.  I've got friends in Facebook and it is easier to communicate with them via the Notes tool.  But if the tool is sub par, that becomes too much of a burden. 

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Lanny Arvan said...

This seems to be fixed now. I'm grateful for that.