Friday, November 01, 2013

High Rhymes and Miss Demean Hers

Here's a piece on a topic I usually mumble about - the religion of the children.  It's good to get it out there and in such an affirming way.

But I think there is something missing in it.  I am agnostic and Jewish jumbled together.  The latter isn't about observing Passover.  Rather its about a way of thinking - with an emphasis on irony, a championing of the word schlemiel, and assorted word play.

I was not involved in the religious education of my kids.  I steered clear of that.  But I did encourage them to create puns of their own.  It's probably the best thing I did as a parent, although we did have to tolerate a rather steep learning curve. We've reached the point where now they've occasionally come up with a good one and take delight from having done so.

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