Friday, October 04, 2013

Quick Update on Replacing iGoogle

This won't work for everybody, but what I've decided to do is to use my dashboard for Lanny on Learning Technology as my homepage.  I've caved in and now use my Google+ profile for identifying myself in this blog.  (I have a different account, prof.arvan, where I continue to use my Blogger profile.)  With the Google+ profile, there is a black bar above the dashboard with all the useful Google links.  And then in the browser I have the bookmarks toolbar enabled and it has all other links I go to regularly. 

This puts most of what I need regularly one click away.  I would prefer to have previews, particularly for Gmail, Google Calendar, The New York Times, ESPN, and the Quotes of the Day.  In other words, I'd prefer that iGoogle stick around.  But I've not been especially impressed with the various NetVibes clones (including the original).  They'd make me still need to use the bookmarks toolbar and if you have more bookmarks than can fit on the screen at any one time, that is a pain.  This approach avoids that particular problem. 

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