Thursday, May 23, 2013

A bite of a rotten Apple

Joe Nocera hits the nail on the head.
On Apple's tax avoidance, it's the best piece I've read.

Wrath over unethical business practice soon out peters
When even our hero companies prove to be cheaters.

Tim Cook with Stengelese while wearing a suit
Made point after point quite easy to refute.

Yet after Levin's initial tirade no Senator really tried
Which itself justified why the Apple leader had lied.

The logic of low corporate tax rates so capital will in flow
Makes less and less sense when the economy goes slow.

Why should multinationals build up mountains made of cash?
Doesn't that in itself tend to make economies crash?

This practice of business has gotten completely out of hand
The purported social benefit really hard to understand.

So if corporate titans have the rest of us end gamed
Is it too much to ask while in public they look ashamed?

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