Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This is not reassuring

The picture below is a side by side comparison of scans being done on my home computer.  The one on the left is by Microsoft Safety Scanner, which has found 14 files infected so far.  The one on the right is from McAfee VirusScan.  It has been running longer than the Microsoft product, yet it has found no infected files.  It looks like either Microsoft is identifying files as infected that the rest of the world isn't worried about or McAfee is missing detecting a virus.

I don't normally run the Microsoft product but the OS did one of those auto-updates early this morning and after the machine rebooted I got a message about having some virus.  (It says I have the Virtool:Win32/BeeInject virus.)  I am not completely sure of what is happening here, but after this gets cleaned up I might start looking for some different virus protection solution.

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