Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Predicated Nominatives (Or the IRB blues)

Are human subjects actually objects?

The method is based on informed consent
I wish I knew what that really meant.

In practice it's via check box they choose.
That's why we call it the IRB blues.

With software most accept the license blindly
While hoping the product treats them kindly.

If true with human subject research as well
Then not much informing goes on, pray tell.

One then wonders why the IRB is so insistent
To keep this aspect of the research consistent.

If a Prof on her own sans outside provocation
Queries her students regarding course innovation

Thereby demonstrating to the students her dedication
They then become partners in course modification.

This sort of collaboration can be easily confused
When emphasis shifts to getting the results diffused.

In the former instance the IRB has no place at all.
With the latter the IRB gets to make the call. 

Students as true contributors, that is the question.
If they are, then there goes the main objection.

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