Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Favorite Blogger Sidebar Gadget Is Broken

One of the reasons to use Blogger rather than WordPress in a teaching blog has just been eliminated.  The Google Calendar gadget, which allows the listing of the 5 most immediate future calendar entries, including the long descriptions, is broken.  I really liked the functionality this gadget delivered.  I, for one, would not fill out the entire course calendar in advance, but would rather put in entries based on how the class was progressing.  This semester in particular, where I had to change when we were doing things because of my health issues, this modification of the calendar more or less on the fly was absolutely necessary.  The sidebar was the best way for the students to keep track of the changes.

At present I know of no alternative that extracts Calendar entries in this fashion.  I suppose the calendar itself can be displayed in weekly view.  If the start of the week were always today, that would work ok.  But if the start is always Sunday (or Monday) then near the end of the week the Calendar doesn't show much new information.  That's what this gadget resolved quite nicely.  For that reason, I hope that some alternative emerges. 

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