Saturday, July 07, 2012

Lessons Learned

We offer up a note of thanks.
Here's hats off to fraudulent banks.

Their profits from the trading desk
Are more obscene than bad burlesque.

Wanting big returns more and more
They fixed the rate known as Libor.

"In God we trust," they danced the jig.
Now we know the system is rigged.

This has created a schism
Regarding capitalism.

The markets know best some will say.
Their advice?  Get out of the way.

Others see a vast infection,
Which suffers from late detection,

And from not applying a cure,
A part of which must be de jure.

Punish wrongdoers they aver.
That's how to malfeasance deter.

Reasonable folks disagree.
That much is plain to you and me.

Doing too much or too little
Credit markets now are brittle.

Government efforts to no avail
The true end of too big to fail.

The banks had the ability
To show us instability

About the system as a whole;
That has been their positive role.

Ignorance is bliss, it is said.
With knowledge there is only dread.

Yet here let's give the banks a hand.
It will work out though not as planned.

A corrupt system has a plus
For it shows the true problem's us.

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