Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heat Waves

Looks like it's time for corny jokes.  Only the hot weather and the resulting brown out is no joke. I don't know how the crop is doing around here, but I do know our lawn is done for the season.  We had a pretty good soaking rain over the weekend.  The brown grass did not return to green.  I'm told we need perhaps six of those in a short time period for the lawn to recover.  The Dust Bowl happened during the Great Depression.  I wonder if this is history reminding us that it tends to repeat or if Global Warming doesn't know about the economic woes.  One or two more summers like this and the weather and drought could replace the economy as the number one issue.

If we're going to keep on having heat waves, why can't we have the tropical kind?  They're certainly more colorful.


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