Friday, June 08, 2012

Taking a Sabbatical from David Brooks

I'm a pretty regular reader of the Times Op-ed page.  I don't devour it all, at least not any more with the expanded content on the site.  But some columnists I feel an obligation to read.  David Brooks used to be one of those.  For the indefinite future, I'm taking him out of that category.  Both in his "I told you so" tone and on his analysis that frequently over simplifies the social science (and occasionally is just wrong) his writing has become more than I can take now.

I don't know whether I'm typical of other readers or an outlier.  If the former, then perhaps other readers will do something likewise and the Times editorial board will take note.  I do want to emphasize here that the issue is not mainly about a Conservative columnist writing for Liberal readers.  I will continue to read Michael Gerson of the Washington Post and Ross Douthat of the Times.  They write in a way that understands their readership.  That's the issue.

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