Tuesday, February 07, 2012

IP Number Strangeness

If anyone else can explain this, I'd appreciate learning what is going on here.  The above is a screen shot I took a few minutes ago of my sitemeter page for the blog.  All four of these are me accessing various posts and each from the same computer.  Item 2 provides the Domain Name I have come to expect seeing.  That access was via Firefox.  Item 4 was an access from Chrome.  That there was a different IP number surprised me, so I experimented a little bit.  Item 3 was access from Internet Explorer.  I wondered if there had been a temporary reassignment of IP so after I got the usual IP number, I went back to Chrome to try again.  That's what Item 1 is.

It then occurred to me to go to myipaddress.com in Firefox.  It gave the 50.129.... as the address.  

I do look at sitemeter fairly regularly.  Based on that certain IP numbers start seeming familiar.  I associate 98.222.... as from Champaign-Urbana, for example.   But now I'm confused by what these things mean. 

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