Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Linking and the iPad

Every time I open a document in Safari, a browser I only use on the iPad, and do so from a periodical that has built an iPad app, I first get a page that encourages me to download that app. But I prefer to read in the browser. One reason is that I like to follow links and stay in the browser while doing so. Perhaps this makes me a dinosaur. I could better understand the apps approach on a PC with a widescreen monitor, where the app and the browser are opened side by side. And I suppose on the iPad if I did want multimedia mixed with text, then an app might be better (though I'd hope that browser rendering would soon catch up.). As it is, I just want to read text, but from a variety of sources, and then I would like to follow some of the links provided. Is that really such an odd preference?

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Bryan Alexander said...

Not a dinosaur, Lanny, but someone who appreciates the Web.
Apps increasingly break the WWW.