Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hail Mary

This Giants fan is very happy.  The way the first half ended, I was incredibly pumped.  It's as if the Packers gave the Giants that touchdown, with their timeout call.  I'm not sure what was up with that.  The earlier onside kick was also more than a bit strange.  But Eli to Hakeem Nicks at the end of the half was magical.  The Giants still needed to score in the second half to secure the victory, but they were clearly in control.

The Pack had a large number of dropped balls and turned the ball over more times than one should have expected.  For about 50 minutes, Rodgers played well enough to win, but the rest of the Packers did not. Then everything imploded on them. 

I thought the Giants would play well in this game, but really didn't know if they'd win it.  I have no read on next week's game with the 49ers.  Somewhere during the third quarter when it started to look like the Giants would win, I had the premonition that it would again be the Giants and Patriots in the Super Bowl, but this time the Pats would win because the Giants won the regular season game.  That's a weird way of thinking about causality and like most fans, getting too far ahead of events.

I just hope it's a good game next week.

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