Thursday, September 08, 2011

Eight stuck at the gate

I watched the debate for the first 75 minutes or so.  The format, where there is a question from the moderator and then either 30 seconds or a minute of response, encouraged the candidates to offer up pat solutions with little or no analysis of the issues.  Herman Cain, who doesn't get a mention in Gail Collins column, was the most entertaining with his 999 plan.  But collectively they are rather frightening, Ron Paul especially so.  After a while, it seemed like it had become a rerun of itself, even as the moderators changed the topics.  That's why I turned it off.
I also thought it strange that this was only on MSNBC,  And the commercials were weird.  There was an attack ad by Ron Paul saying that he had supported Reagan back in 1976, but that Rick Perry had supported Al Gore for President in 2000.  And there was a different ad about limiting legal immigration till the unemployment problem in California gets resolved.  These were as frightening as the debate itself.

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