Saturday, August 20, 2011

Inconsistent Navigation in Facebook

I have a link to "Notes" on the left both on my News page and on my Profile page. If I click the Notes link on my Profile page, it goes to my Notes, which makes sense. On the other hand if you click the Notes link on the News page it first opens to Notes by my Friends and second opens up a bunch of subsidiary links about Notes, one of which is My Notes. Click on that and it does not go to my Notes, but stays with my Friends' Notes.

I wish I could be worth $10 billion and design software like this.

On the other hand, I've not played at all with Google Plus. Even if the software is much better, I don't really want more spaces to interact in, so unless everyone I know wholesale moves why bother.

Further, I will articulate a hypothesis that makes sense to me as an economist --- the big computer companies get nastier with each other as the economy slumps, witness the action and then reaction regarding Apple's content fees. We consumers are better off with more viable competitors out there.

So let's hope that Facebook has won the Social Network function and that it feels compelled to invest in its software to make it function better.

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