Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vanishing of Sensibility and the Middle Class

For the bourgeois and their discreet charm *
Now is the time to sound the alarm.

Familiar surroundings disappear
Done in by politics rather queer.

A Bunuel or Salvador Dali
Would find surreal the Tea Party folly.

The rest of us I'd hazard a guess
Only can see a source of distress.

The middle class is going away,
Allowing the rich to hold full sway.

Right wing dogma inevitably leads
Where all but the rich horribly bleeds.

Push the conclusion to its extreme.
You get the makings of a bad dream.

The alternative is sarcasm.
Between left and right lies a chasm.

That's all there's left to solve the riddle:
Where has gone the sensible middle?

A stage play in case you haven't heard
Congress, the theater of the absurd.

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