Saturday, July 16, 2011

The iPad and the TV

It's not too often that I want to watch TV in the morning, but the last few days ESPN has had extended coverage of the British Open and I am a fan. The pace of golf coverage on TV being what it is, at one commercial break yesterday I instinctively went to get my iPad, to read the paper online and check email. But I found myself writing short messages as well. I wouldn't normally have patience to peck away on the built in keyboard (I have an external keyboard but you can't use it when lounging on the couch), however when you return regularly to watch the golf swings and the putts, the input isn't that unsatisfying. I wrote yesterday's rhyme this way. Maybe I can use it as an excuse for the quality of the verse.

On making blog posts this way, I should point out that the iPad keyboard, which pops up automatically when a text input field is found, can't find the text box for writing a post. So I have taken to email post, which is functional, though I am not trying to put in hyperlinks this way.

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