Thursday, July 28, 2011

In The Soup With The Tea Party

Out of anger and much frustration
Rose the spirited Tea Party Nation.

In the Government they do not trust
Feeling America is going bust.

The problem, you see, is too much spending
Much of it wasteful and never ending.

Of expenditure they want to slash
As the Treasury runs out cash.

They're against raising taxes too.
Don't pay for something you should without do.

That is where they stand in a nutshell.
Plain to them but to others a tough sell.

Care not for multiplier effects,
One of their argument's major defects.

Another way in which they are wrong,
Feelings on this one especially strong.

The social safety net people like.*
Shortfalls should be covered by a tax hike.

There's also the matter of how we grow.
Is it Laissez-Faire from head to toe?

Government spending as foundation,
Cuts against the grain of Tea Party Nation.

Now in the soup on the debt ceiling,
The economy already reeling,

Not just the Tea Party wears a frown
All citizens fear we are going down.

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