Friday, July 15, 2011

The Blight from the Right

Warnings were issued,
Business growth would halt,
Should America on it's debt opt to default.

The parties bargained,
Though to no avail,
Setting up a chance the economy will fail.

A line in the sand,
That came from a pledge
Has frightened the nation and put all near the edge.

The issue at hand,
To bring down the debt,
Needs spending lower and more revenue to get.

The Right however,
Wants no tax increase.
Their agenda calls for much government to cease.

Pursuing this goal,
They've played the bully,
Mistaking public mood, angering them fully.

A balanced approach,
Favored in the polls
Shows moderate voters are for whom the bell tolls.

When this crisis ends,
We voters will shout,
The right wing zanies caused trouble so let's throw them out.

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