Saturday, June 25, 2011

Waiting for the Return

Here's a story with no spinning.
The Yankees are mainly winning
And without Derek Jeter.

They're in the Division race
A half game out of first place
Yet without Derek Jeter.

Absent the Yankees' Pride
Will the team start to slide
Cause they miss Derek Jeter?

At the time for Joe D to go
The Yankees had Mickey in tow.
Who'll replace Derek Jeter?

Though he's a milestone to face
It's under pressure with grace
We'll recall Derek Jeter.

Now fans have a sinking feeling
Since their hero's hardly healing.
Come back home Derek Jeter.

It's not at all fun to discover
Aging slows how we recover.
Born in June Derek Jeter.

If you want the real score
His injured calf is still sore.
Best of luck Derek Jeter.

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