Saturday, June 04, 2011

In Memory Of

In front of a portal that will not open,
The agent we have sought offers to assist.

The agent doesn't want our money.
He wants to relieve us of our burden.

What is it that we want?
Do we really want the agent's help?

Do we have the right to choose?
That's the question others ask.

Having helped to open the door,
The agent comes to believe he has done good.

It is a common story,
One that repeats often.

The story ends for us.
For the agent, it is but one chapter.

Part way through the book, the agent changes.
He comes to believe the book is about him.

The agent has a righteous streak.
He no longer feels any restraint.

He can see our burden.
He can relieve it by himself.

Others now blame him.
He shouldn't have chosen for us.

The agent has now passed.
Let's reflect on what he has done.

Was he a hero for letting others see the burden?
Or a criminal for having opened the portal?

We are unsure. We wish we could discuss without hyperbole.
We fear that is not possible.

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