Sunday, January 23, 2011

The picture says it all

This was for all intents and purposes the last play of the game. Aspects of Tisdale's game make you think he is a 7'1" shooting guard. A bit before this play he hit a step back 3 pointer, to keep the game close. After this play - the announcers blamed McCamey for throwing a bounce pass to a seven footer, a no-no - where we failed to score there were were only a few seconds left and that was it.

The announcers made a big thing that Ohio State only plays 7 players. Three of their starters played the full 40 minutes. We played eight and looked like the more tired team near the end. Three of our four seniors, each who starts, had more than 30 minutes. I wonder if we should play some others to reduce the minutes of the stars and help us keep up the intensity in crunch time. Tisdale and Meyers Leonard foul too much for us to press or trap aggressively when they are in. So I also wonder if we might go without a center and have 3 forwards at a time or have 3 guards and two forwards. We could play a different style that way, one that might wear down teams with a shorter bench.

Bruce Weber gets paid the big bucks and I'm just a Monday morning quarterback. There is always second guessing when the team loses. You can chalk up this brief analysis to that. But I can't help wondering, what if?

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