Tuesday, January 11, 2011


As of today I'm fifty-six
Mature but still up to the same old tricks
Spewing rhymes that some say I should nix
Pleasing myself - it's what gives me kicks.

Look at some images for fifty-six
And regard others including some of my own pix.
With gray in the beard that I should fix
Though I'm told vanity can bring on ticks.

Time to get in my last licks
One more metaphor to add to the mix
To encase structure rather than use bricks
Causing perhaps a frown but no internal conflicts.

Celebrating the occasion I might watch some flicks
Or with the Giants and Yankees done should I root for the Knicks?
Some games might be nice but for sure not pick-up-sticks
It's arthritis in the knuckles, not that we'd be called hicks.

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