Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feed Not Working Rhyme

I'm in distress,
Cause my RSS is a mess.
My Facebook Wall is stuck,
My readers there out of luck.

It's more than five days late,
For my feed from Blogger to update.
Though it's really a Feedburner feed,
Which elsewhere updates with good speed.

My instinct is to troubleshoot,
More or less like a machine reboot.
I'd delete my feed from Facebook News,
Then after a fashion, the feed I would re-choose.

The hope is that through this action,
On updating the feed I'd gain some traction.
Yet for this experiment I lack the verve,
For bearing the risk of deleting readers' comments, I have no nerve.

So another solution I do seek,
One with little downside, so to speak.
This really is my question.
Does anyone have a good suggestion?

If so please post in a comment here.
The next time I see you I'll buy the beer.
In the meantime let's all reflect,
In relying so much on Web 2.0 technology, perhaps there is human defect.

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