Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mikogo for small group Web Conferencing

We've had a hiccup with our Adobe Connect server and needed some alternative while it gets fixed. So I went looking for Web Conferencing/Screen Sharing applications that can be used in conjunction with Skype or the telephone. I tried a couple of these and then found Mikogo, which looks pretty functional, allows up to 10 users in the session, and as it says above is entirely free. So all of that is pretty nice. In our test of Mikogo, the image was pretty large, not much latency at all, and you can cede control to other uses - either let them show their screen or let them control your screen. Shades of The Outer Limits.

On a related note, and this wasn't a sufficient test, in some recent Web conferences I was part of we used the telephone because we didn't trust the voip in the conferencing product to be reliable enough. That was expensive. I only tested Mikogo with two others, perhaps not a fair comparison, but the Skype audio quality was quite good. That might be something to consider in the future for doing calls.


jenn said...

Another good one you can try is RHUB's Turbomeeting. (www.rhubcom.com) You can change controller during the meeting. You can also host webinars with it, they also have desktop sharing features. The downside is that its not a free tool, but they do offer trials and there is free audio conferencing with the product.

Lanny Arvan said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking for something that students might use on their own. If it isn't free they won't try it, at least that's my belief.

Robert Harnischmacher said...

Hi Lanny, for a comprehensive overview and review of available web conferencing tools (both free and commercial solutions), I recommend www.webconferencing-test.com