Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Rhyme

The below was too long for Facebook, so I'm posting here.

* * * * *

Here is a little rhyme just to say,
How I feel on my 55th b-day.

So many well wishers makes me very happy,
Although it's a workday so no afternoon nappy.

Starting out pensive and rather quizzical,
The first thing on my calendar I had a physical.

The doctor's exam gave me a real charge.
Especially the report that my prostate is medium, not large.

On the other hand, my blood pressure is too high,
Whether from work, teenage kids, or a not laid back enough guy.

For this once a day I've been taking a pill.
Modest improvement, but the problem persists still.

So the doc is now upping the dose.
Aiming in the normal range to get me close.

If that doesn't succeed other remedies will be tried.
Perhaps eliminating my favorite foods, some of which are fried.

All is not a question of health.
There is also the matter of personal wealth.

This is more than financial, it means having a good idea,
Not given to me by mama but generated by mia.

Alas I must say here is the real thing,
It is the bad rhymes and puns that so cling,

To my mind that is filled with noise and clatter.
It's what keeps me from turning into a mad hatter.

Which gets me recalling now about Alice.
Wonderland after all was hardly a palace.

It was the invention of one Lewis Carroll,
A role model for me without any parallel.

For it's fantasy and silliness that are such a delight
Making some joy is more fun than writing essays that bite.

Though I'm prone to do some of that too.
Waking in the middle of the night puts you in a kind of stew.

Now I know it's normal aging and not some other fate,
Which is why on this day of days I really fell great.

Thanks everyone.

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Bryan's workshop blog said...

Well done!

And happy birthday, Lanny.