Monday, May 18, 2009

Galen's Paper Presentation

Instead of using ooVoo for the final presentation, Galen and I did a session in Adobe Connect where he uploaded his PowerPoint and we both did voice over. He lead the discussion and I asked questions.

Here are my take aways from the overall experience. First, technology was not the impediment. It may not have worked perfectly all the time but it was good enough for us to conduct our business. Second, this is my initial experience with MBA students and probably there needed to be more structure to what we did than I had originally envisioned. I did not read the pieces that Galen used for his paper so I only reacted to the general ideas. If we had discussed more about pieces I already knew, I may have been able to push him more in his thinking. As it was, I didn't feel there was sufficient depth or subtlety to our conversations, but I was somewhat at a loss on how to get us there. Third, these courses are only 7 weeks. We could have benefited by going a few more weeks. The paper would have been more mature and well thought through. I know Galen strained a little to get the paper done on time but he could have strained more intellectually, but he had to do the background work first to get to that point.

So if I were to do this again some time in the future, I'd start a little earlier. Otherwise our process was good.

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