Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presentations in Google Docs with YouTube Video

Here is a little example of a PowerPoint presentation with YouTube video embedded on each slide. You need to use your Google Account to access the thing properly, but it should be generally available.

Slides one and three have talking head video. It doesn't autostart. There are buttons for both video play and for slide navigation. But otherwise, I think that is pretty good.

Slide two has screen capture video. YouTube blurs that video. I wish I knew how to solve the problem. (I assume it blurs the talking head too, but the consequence is less to the viewer.) Here is the same video rendered clearly.

Slide three also has a link to a Form from a Google Spreadsheet. This is to show that a type of assessment can be tied to the presentation. Of course, there is essentially no security with this. The form is publicly available., as is the rest of the presentation. But in terms of ease of use and low cost (Google Hosts it all) this seems like an interesting alternative.

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