Friday, September 19, 2008

Transcriptions with Dragon from Prior Recordings

I had made the following recording last May, well before I purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking. The recording is in MP3 format. Having previously trained Dragon to my voice, it is capable of taking such an audio recording and produce a transcript. Below is the raw transcript it produced without any further editing from me. As with what I produced yesterday, it is not perfect. But it is reasonably good, good enough in my view that if somebody went through it afterwards to clean it up, they could do so without getting lost in the process. So I continue to be impressed with Dragon. BTW, I ordered Dragon under a special promo where it cost $110 with the handling and shipping included. That's not bad at all - definitely affordable.

mp3 file playable online

This essay I'm really just scratched the surface on stock markets just to get a bit of the flavor is not much depth there at all so I've provided some links to some additional resource all of these links go to Wikipedia pages and you should think about itself as a launch point rather than as a full explanation of any of these topics will spend the course talking about these issues and hear the ideas just to get a little bit of flavor so I want to begin with this critique by saying the the focus was on stocks but we should also look at other financial assets via obvious other financial asset is bonds and stocks to consider equity ownership in the firm bonds is debt loan is Tom and in thinking about finance issues you a thing about both equity and about debt is a whole literature and finance about debt equity ratio and the value of the firm you follow that link you'll find a further link to something called the Modigliani Miller sphere which talks about those conditions under which the debt equity ratio has no impact on the value of the firm of those conditions are kind of stark and unrealistic but good as a launch point to think about the issues of and then once you've done that you want to start thinking about riskiness of financial assets and here is one omission two types of risk one is simply the risk in the asset value, so the price of the stock goes up and down like ways the of selling and buying price of a bond does fluctuate although if you hold them until the end of the term you know him what the reduction will be and you also know the interest payments on the bond there's also a different type or risk a risk of default that is that the Bible never get repaid and stocks and bonds manage the default risk differently so ownership is different than the creditor of the firm and how it deals with the full risk so there some things that one could spend a long time on here we just want to give a little gloss to get him one step further than what's in the original essay

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