Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NY Times, Mac, and Windows Vista

Today on its homepage, the NY Times has a Mac Ad that is in the Banner area and on the upper right portion of the page, very precious real estate, had an "Editorial" by PC called Stop Switching to Mac. I must be getting old. I was offended by this. The normal links to today's featured columns weren't there. And putting ad content in a location normally reserved for featured News items seems real cheesy to me. How would we feel if the Obama Campaign paid for an attack Ad to be placed on the homepage with the Editorial label. If the Times can do it for Apple, what's to stop them from doing it in this other instance?

In the Technology section of the paper there was an article about the Seinfeld and Bill Gates ads. No doubt the fight over operating systems is real news. The Times should treat it as such. By putting the Apple ad on the homepage, it appears to be taking sides in the competition. I suppose that's because journalism has been headed that way for some time. I hope Clark Hoyt writes a column on this and takes his own paper to task.

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