Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Email Posts to a Blog for Class Use

I'm writing this from one of my test email accounts - one of the free ones given by a vendor. Then I'm sending this to an address meant only for the blog. Blogger tells you to keep that address secret, because anyone with it can post to the blog. I've tested doing this from a variety of different test addresses. It seems to work well. It preserves formatting and linking. And once it reaches the blog it seem to not include any identity information of the sender. Perhaps Google tracks that, but if this is coming from a non-Google account, then how do they identify the address with any other info?

Because there is no identifying info, if there is to be some recognition of who posted this, there would have to be some type of signature at the end of the post. (Blogger will say it comes from Lanny Arvan, the blog owner, regardless of who the sender actually is.) If first name suffices to identify the person, that would be great. Otherwise, first name last initial, or some alias that is for the class would have to be used. Does this satisfy the campus security folks?

And would students go for this approach? I should point out that students could set up their own blog as an archive of their messages by sending the email to two addresses, if they'd like. Alternatively they can archive within their Sent items by simply setting up a filter for the address. Seems pretty good to me.

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