Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Re: Student Projects As Capture Movies

In the previous post, the embedded movie looks rather small, especially if you have a high screen resolution. (Size is acceptable if your monitor is set to 1024 x 768 or lower.) That may be less satisfying. Here is a linked version that is larger, 640 x 480. It is more pleasing to view because of the size, but at that size it is too large to embed into a blog post.

One other comment about the creation of this sort of thing. Camtasia is both a capture solution and a movie editor. You need both to make this. But Camtasia costs and if this is really for students, then perhaps there needs to be a free alternative. On a PC, Windows Media Encoder is fine for the capture. The output will be .wmv rather than .swf, but that is a minor concern. You might then not want to capture in slideshow mode, but rather in the regular edition mode. If you do this, you must advance the slides manually, for example with the arrow keys. For the editing, one might use Windows Media Maker, though there doesn't seem to be a Vista version. Likewise, there is commensurate software for a Mac (iMovie for the editing, not sure about the capture). The free software makes this a little harder, because there are more applications to use. But should still be do-able.

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