Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Stab at Mockumentary

I know - don't quit my day job. But it was fun in the making! There should be subtitles. If they don't appear, click the CC button. If that still doesn't work, access the video here, then click CC. It looks ok double sized.


Robert Baird said...

Lanny, great stuff, here. I like that you let the viewer figure out your argument, that you eschew didacticism. In a medium like this where one doesn't want to write pages and pages, and can work the argument through the combination of words--mere subtitles, images, sound, then the argument and line of thought is, I believe, more cognitively engaging.

Maybe more bodies will fall in love with books (reading) again. There might be something to Jobs' point about declining book readin', but, there is probably much more reading of other, shorter works. Even YouTube has text. And even your mockumentary has words. Anyway, ciao, back to finish Wild Trees, a great book I'm enjoying about tree climbers and canopy life at the tops of 1000s-of-year-old-tallest-in-the-world Redwoods.


Lanny Arvan said...

Robert - thanks. It really is remarkable what a Google Image search will turn up. As you say, it makes it very easy to take advantage of things viewers already have so no need to repeat the point.