Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My New Blog

I've started a new blog called The Economics Metaphor which is for content to teach intermediate microeconomics. My hope is to develop a full course worth of material this way see how far I can get toward achieving that goal over the next few months. For anyone who cares about open content, I'd be grateful for feedback about structure, in particular on whether the content as put up this way is readily re-usable.

And for any economists in the audience, once there is a bit more up, I'd appreciate comments about the tone, style, and coverage.

I'm doing this because I might teach an online course on this topic and I'd like to teach it my way. So what I'm really asking is if in doing that is there any re-use value.

In addition, I produced a wide variety of artifacts over the years, much in Excel, and I'd like to know if I go through those and update them will the collection then be something that is pleasing and useful to the students.

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