Friday, October 27, 2006

A Heads Up

The server where Lanny on Learning Technology is currently being housed is being converted 100% to its original purpose - to support streaming media - and will no longer be used for Web publishing. So I need to find another host, which will either be on a College of Business Server or on Blogspot. A redirect will be set up, which should be fine for users who get there via a browser, but if you are subscribing to the site via an Atom or RSS feed, you'll need to resubscribe.

The earliest this will happen is December and I don't yet have the details of the new site or the timing of the switch. I just wanted to let readers know in advance with the hope this will improve the chance that the switch is seamless. I will also contact folks who either link to this blog or syndicate the blog posts.

Maybe the spammers won't find the new site for a while. :-)


Miguel said...

Lanny, why don't you set yourself up with a Feedburner account? That way your end users will make the switch this time to the feedburner RSS, and it won't matter how many times you move afterwards!

Having recently moved,

Miguel Guhlin
Around the Corner-

Lanny Arvan said...

Miguel - I do have a feedburner site for the blog here
however, I don't understand how that solves the issue. Perhaps you could expand further on how this would work.