Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Been Offline for a While

For my regular readers -

It's been a rugged year healthwise. A week and a half ago, I had a bad fall. This happened in Ann Arbor while visiting my brother for his 50th birthday. Having the accident there was an added burden. I had surgery on my left leg to repair severed tendons. That was a week ago. I came home the following day and been convalescing at home ever since.

Here are a few Web resources about the accident. A campy video clip, intended for my EdTech Unit's open house last friday. An autobiographical essay that was meant to be a blog post about the accident, but it got way too long. I put "Draft" on the document as a watermark, not necessarily because I'm going to re-write it, but rather because I'm not so certain about the quality of writing and didn't have the guts to put it up as a post in this blog. In other words, the document didn't get through all my own internal filters and I wanted some way to convey that. I do think there are valuable lessons from this experience for teaching and learning. In some upcoming posts I will try to extract a few of those.

And, finally, some limericks below. Enjoy.

The family has now adjusted,
To the fact that my left leg is busted.
The home computer I used night and day
Is now theirs with which to work and play.
While it is my Tablet PC that I've now entrusted.

I'm still doing email and browsing,
While staying inside the family's housing.
It's not that different from before,
And though I didn't think my existence a bore.
I also certainly true that I didn't do a lot of carousing.

One irony from my fall,
Is that it's now I who on the children do call.
Once I transfer to the wheelchair with a plop,
The notion of dependence in the family flip flops
And seeing them be helpful is a ball.

One side effect from killing the pain,
Is a certain unease regarding my processes of the brain
If one fears one's ideas will be dull,
Then drugs that create in the brain a lull,
Are worse than other drugs which might drive one insane.

So far while I convalesce,
If anything I've watched television less.
One might guess it's a great distraction,
With some of the shows a real atrraction.
Yet with the News a source that only can depress.

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