Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Installation of President White

This afternoon there was an official ceremony for the installation of our new president at the University of Illinois, B. Joseph White. I listened online to the broadcast of the event, about two hours worth. But I haven't found the archive of that audio yet and am not sure whether it will be put up or not. If it does appear, it will likely be here
in the second slot on Thursday.
In the meantime, the Web site is here
and you can read his inaugural address.

I thought it was a good speech, giving both an inspirational and aspirational view of our future while also providing a realistic sense of the challenges we face. I'm rooting for him and I hope we can live up to his goals of finding creative solutions that sustain the leadership position we have that attract the additional revenues we need while avoiding extravagance in pursuit of these ends.

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