Thursday, April 21, 2005


Giving service with budget under duress,
Is an obvious source of stress,
For staff and management alike.
Perhaps we should go out on strike,
Lest our clients think that a success.

Teaching with technology,
Is good for math, anthro, and biology.
It even works well,
because of online check your spell,
In teaching writing and etymology.

How do students learn,
When their professors are so stern?
It really should be fun.
Rather than performance under the gun.
And going to class they should yearn.

There was a school orange and blue.
Talking basketball was all they could do.
But then they had to figure,
How to get back to the learning rigor.
For which the new chancellor gave the cue.

With apologies to Edward Lear,
These rhymes are rendered here.
When my brain goes dead,
I do this instead.
Now I'll go have a beer.

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